Youth Photography Contest

Rules and Guidelines

General Information 

  • Contest begins June 2, 2014 and will run through July 3, 2014. 
  • The purpose of this contest is to expose our youth to the excitement of photography through the unique aspects of Brownsville. 
  • Registration forms may be completed online at the Brownsville Public Library website, 
  • The contest will be divided into three age groups: 
    • six - nine
    • ten - thirteen
    • fourteen - seventeen. 
  • Winners will be announced on Friday, July 11, 2014 at the Southmost Branch Library during the Awards Ceremony at 4:00 p.m 
  • First, second, third and honorable mention prizes will be awarded per age group. 
    • First place will receive a $50 gift card from BestBuy
    • Second place will receive a $30 gift card from BestBuy
    • Third place will receive a $20 gift card from BestBuy
    • Honorable mention will receive a $10 gift card from Best Buy
    • Best in Show (selected from previous winners) will be awarded a Sony Digital Camera and accessories. 
  • Entries will be displayed at the library. 


  • The participant must be between the ages of six and seventeen. 
  • The participant must have a library card and not owe any fees or fines. 
  • The participant must not be related to a Brownsville Public Library System employee or member of the photography judging panel. 


  • All entries must be the participant’s own work and have been taken between June 2, 2014 and July 3, 2014. 
  • All entries must be taken within the city of Brownsville, Texas. 
  • All entries become the property of the Brownsville Public Library System. 
  • Cameras will not be provided by the Brownsville Public Library System. 
  • All entries must be submitted online. The photo file name must include the picture title and participant name. 
    Example: Doe_John_A Beautiful Day 
  • No photographs depicting commercial representation as their primary subject and/or reproduction of copyright material or trademarks will be accepted. 
  • Any photographs depicting violence, nudity, profanity, and/or lewd gestures will be automatically disqualified from this contest. 
  • Implementing special effects or manipulating the images of photographs will be grounds for disqualification. 


  • Entries will be judged on content that includes story and the moment. 
  • Entries will be judged on technique that includes exposure, focus, sharpness and depth of field, color and tone, contrast and lighting. 
  • Entries will be judged on visual and aesthetic criteria that includes framing and viewpoint, background, design elements and principle, photographic arrangement, and visual impact. 
  • Entries will be judged on general characteristics that include originality, insight, context and style. 


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